Natal, Brazil – Casa de Taipa Restaurant

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The city of Natal has long been popular with Brazilians as a great tourist destination, and in recent years, Italians, Spanish and Danes have discovered it’s charms, buying up homes and land on and near the beautiful beaches.

Natal is likely to see even greater growth since it has been named one of the cities to host the 2014 World Cup soccer events. If you’re thinking about visiting Brazil you won’t want to miss this 500 year old city named “Christmas”! (so named for the day it was discovered)

To start off my series about Natal, I’m featuring a great restaurant on a street known for it’s party atmosphere and good eating. The “Casa de Taipa” is as laid back and rustic as it gets. The floors are sand, and the walls are sticks, mud and straw decorated with local folk art. It’s the perfect place after a grueling day on the beach.

I tried it myself and the food was delicious, so the next day I met with the owner and did a short interview to share with you. She doesn’t speak English, but I can tell you that like most people in Natal she was … simpatico. Hmm, we really need a word like simpatico, our translation of “like able” just doesn’t do enough. Anyway she took time out of her busy preparations for the evening rush to show me around and explain more about the food.

The food is served in a few minutes after ordering, but the basic ingredient, tapioca (actually cassava root) goes through a preparation that can take several days. Fried and filled with your choice of various meats, seafood, vegetables or even fruit, you’re sure to find something to excite you.

Any taxi will know the way, or if you’re driving the hotel front desk will know how to get to this very popular street.

Casa de Taipa
Rua Doutor Manoel Augusto Bezerra de Araújo, 130-A
Bairro: Alto de Ponta Negra

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